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01 Frejlech Sol Sajn
02 Kolomejke
03 Klezmer-Tunes
04 Frejlach Tantz
05 Papirosn
06 Sibn-Ferzik
07 Hawdala
08 Hopkele
09 Husid'l
10 Zwei Nigunim und Frejlach
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KLEZMER FOR BRASS'N'WOOD - very special production

This Klezmer production has been produced by the Swiss Klezmer aficionado, composer and arranger Jack Säuberli. The CDs were made by Walter Fölmli in the sound studio Phonoplay International.
In collaboration with the wind section of the Russian Chamber Philharmonics of St. Petersburg, conducted by the well-known Russian conductor Juri Gilbo. Other Swiss soloists, such as Willi Valotti (Akkordeon), Mario Schubiger (Percssion), Walter Alder (dulcimer), Heinz Della Torre (Alphorn) and Paul Knotek (Saxophone) gave these lovely titles their final touch.

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We would like to draw your attention to two other particularly interesting productions of the "CH-SWISS-HORNS".
The CH-SWISS-HORNS consist of 22 international top-class musicians from six countries (Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Russia, Armenia and the US), who fuse into one global musical national team as the CH-SWISS-HORNS. True to the motto: Music knows no borders!
The CH-SWISS-HORNS have put their trust in a professional overall sound, tailor-made special arrangements and outstanding soloists.
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CH-SWISS-HORNS "MORGENROT" - Sound for discerning ears!
The CH-SWISS-HORNS, which have already featured in specialist periodicals, Swiss television and on Radio DRS in various reports and programmes, are now presenting work of amazing precision with tailor-made arrangements in the shape of their new CD title «Morgenrot», which includes titles from the genres of classical music, folk, Dixieland, gospel, rock and big band swing.

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CH-SWISS-HORNS "BRASS-JUTZ" - natural yodel and folk song themes, instrumental.
The idea for this novel production is to have natural yodel and folk song themes from the whole Alpine region – which had so far only been heard as natural yodel and song versions – interpreted by a high quality brass ensemble.
The result is lovely visions in sound, which evoke melancholy-blissful atmospheric paintings from the depth of one’s soul. The adaptations strictly adhere to an interpretation of the original yodel and song themes, which is as close to original sound as possible.
For some titles, additional yodel chorus and solo voices are used. For once as pure background vocals, this gives individual titles a particularly interesting timbre. Additional percussion instruments, which are used with discretion, round the arrangements off to create melodiousness.

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