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spacer4_4The production team
Jack Säuberli
spacer4_4Jack Säuberli
Initiator, co-producer and music publisher
Walter Fölmli
spacer4_4Walter Fölmli
Sound technician and co-producer
Juri Gilbo
spacer4_4Juri Gilbo
Klezmer music for Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Orchestras

Symphonic brass music is among the most innovative modern musical genres with increasing popularity in Germany and Switzerland.
This musical genre already had its first heyday in Germany in the 1920ies, where it was made popular by Paul Hindemith: among others, considered "degenerated" during the Nazi era as most composers were Jews or dissidents, the exiles took it to the US, where nowadays nearly every high school has its own symphonic brass band. In Japan, too, as well as the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland, contemporary brass music is playing an increasingly large part on the musical scene.


For around a decade, more symphonic brass music is being played again in Germany. Large symphonic brass bands have 80 to 120 members, playing the whole range of European orchestral brass instruments. Among those instruments are the transverse flute, the oboe, the bassoon, the English horn, clarinets, bass clarinets, Basset horns, the various kinds of saxophones, French horns, trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns, trombones, euphoniums, tubas, percussion, bass drums and, depending on the title, solo instruments like the dulcimer or alphorns.

Currently, no other musical genre is as innovative as symphonic brass music. All over the world, new expressive pieces are being composed, performing a crossover to other genres such as Jazz or choir music. All over Europe, conservatories already have professorships for conductors for Concert Bands and Symphonic Wind Orchestras.

A novelty as yet unheard of

To the present day, few if not to say no Klezmer themes have been adapted or produced for brass bands the world over.
A few publishers have released Jewish song themes in form of medleys. But the typical Klezmer themes from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, which have been passed on to the emigrated Eastern Jews, which have such fascinating rhythms and the harmonisation typical for the East, have so far been missing from the repertoire of brass bands.
It looks as though, until now, one believed that the tunes, which are usually played ad lib, can only develop properly in small formations of 3 to 8 musicians. The present production
KLEZMER FOR BRASS'N'WOOD shows that this is not the case…

KLEZMER FOR BRASS'N'WOOD - A very special production

This Klezmer production has been produced by the Swiss Klezmer aficionado, composer and arranger Jack Säuberli. The recodings were made by Walter Fölmli, sound and mixing, in collaboration with the wind section of the Russian Chamber Philharmonics of St. Petersburg, conducted by the well-known Russian conductor Juri Gilbo. Other Swiss soloists, such as Willi Valotti (Accordion), Mario Schubiger (Percussion), Walter Alder (dulcimer), Heinz Della Torre (Alphorn) and Paul Knotek (Saxophone) gave these lovely titles their final touch.

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